Smart Working

We design smart working practices deliveringandnbsp;a win:win for staff and business using time and offices pace more efficiently.
Recent changes in employment legislation provide far greater rights for employees to request flexible working from their employers.

Flexible working is employee focused to which the business must react.

Smart working is business focused and enables a proactive offer of flexible working to be made in ways that deliver tangible business benefit.
Our smart working methods put the business back in control of the flexible working agenda and uses it to drive through business benefits that are equally attractive to staff.
We deliver outcomes that enable staff to work in different ways that meets their domestic needs yet are congruent with improved business performance, customer focus, significant opportunity for reduction in office space and costs, better use of ICT resources, reduction in carbon footprints and the introduction of a management mindset focused on staff productivity, output and outcomes rather than monitoring attendance. This leads to a culture of respect and trust.

Basis is one of the UK's leading consultancies offering a complete and innovative smart working methodology.

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