Hello, we are Basis

We have a deep-rooted passion for improving people's lives, to make things better for people and have worked with organisations in the UK, across Europe and Australia doing so.

We've worked in Public Services and have felt the pain of cuts. We want to end the era of “slash & burn” and salami slicing approaches so we offer an alternative.  

Not to brag, but we are one of the most effective transformation partners, helping public sector organisations achieve real sustainable change.




Basis history

Basis Ltd has been around since 1993 working with public service organisations from the likes of the NHS, NATO and a multitude of local authorities.

After merging with RedQuadrant in 2014, Basis spun off again in 2016 to focus on Service Design and Agile approaches to change.

RedQuadrant is our sister organisation. Dennis co-founded RedQuadrant, and the two companies often work together.

We are a network consulting company with world-class consultants and trainers. We work with over fifty core consultants and interims and have access to a network (worldwide) of hundreds.

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The Basis team have signed up to the Agile Service Manifesto, and abide by the principles in all the work we do.

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