“Make the tough choices; it's how you execute that counts.”

– Howard Schultz

The basics of Basis

We are an Agile and service design consulting organisation headquartered in London, UK. Most of us started out life in public services. We work with public services to tackle messy societal problems and to co-design and enable sustainable change. We regularly find ourselves facilitating our clients to find ways to ensure older adults can live independently for longer, that children are safe, and that homeless people have access to services that help get them back on their feet.

We are a small team of do-gooders. We are proud of this. We have a deep-rooted passion for improving people's lives. We have worked with government organisations and NGOs in the UK, across Europe and in the US and Australia.

But as do-gooders, our focus is firmly on the doing. We are the rolled-up sleeves, realistic types. We don’t pontificate about the fine differences between Service Design and Service Prototyping (in fact we think they are the same thing if you’d like to argue about it), we avoid “analysis paralysis” like the plague, and you’ll never see us craft beautiful 80-page PowerPoint presentations with little substance or a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ solution.

We use a range of approaches drawn from the worlds of Agile, Service Design, Rapid Improvement events (or Design Sprints in new money) and Lean to get under the skin of complex problems, to co-design and prototype solutions to those problems and to make them happen. We are always learning and strive to be at the forefront of improvement science in all the work we do.

We also believe passionately in enabling teams to become more self-managing (think TEAL teams). We believe passionately that by enabling teams to work in this way they can provide better public services and become better equipped to deal with the change and complexity they are consistently faced with, we’ve made it our business to promote this way of working on the front-line.

We don’t do to. We do with. We are on a mission to eradicate salami slicing in public services. We aim to build capacity across government to deliver innovative, impactful and sustainable change.

Our work is expanding, and we need some help.  If what you’ve heard about our work excites you, why not join us?

Associate Consultants

Don’t worry if you haven’t come across ‘Agile’ before – we will train you to be able to deliver Agile for Services.

Depending on the needs of the project, and the language our clients are most comfortable with, the roles we have will vary, from Agile Scrum Master, Service Prototyper, Business Analyst to Transformation consultant (and many others). You will work on projects, often together with clients onsite. One day you might be trying to help a Homelessness Service to help get people in their locality back on their feet, another you might be helping Social Workers to figure out how to make vulnerable adults independent for longer. This work matters to us.

Our relationship with contractors/freelancers is a longer-term engagement. We develop a close working relationship and focus on helping you know and understand our methods and general way of working. It means becoming a part of Basis, we help you develop (e.g. gain accredited Agile training), engage in our methods and you will join learning sessions and company drinks.

Clients often tell us that we don’t seem like typical consultants (we hope they mean this in a positive way!) and we are looking for diversity in background and thinking.  Our job spec is therefore not too restrictive.

Please contact us, if you:

  • are not afraid to fail, learn fast and work hard

  • are willing and eager to learn the Agile approach (with our training)

  • have at least 2-5 years of experience and have done some project and improvement work already

  • have a real passion for public services and can work with anyone at any level

  • are not afraid of facilitation, and indeed, enjoy it

  • ideally, have experience or studied the areas we work in; Agile, Service Design, UX, Change Management.

  • are happy to work from client locations (both within London and outside London) as well as at our offices

For more information, or to register your interest, email: liketowork@basis.co.uk