Deliver an immediate impact

We’ve started part way through improvement journey and able to bring our combined Children’s Services expertise with our ability to deliver immediate and sustainable change.

Isle of Wight

We were approached to support improving their Adoption and Fostering services 18 months after their OFSTED judgement. They understood their problem areas but needed to design and deliver effective, and immediate, solutions. We chose to hold a Rapid Improvement Event to initiate a cultural change and gain consensus on how the different individuals and teams needed to work together. This event agreed clear parallel planning and PLO process improvements coupled with individual commitment to change their working practices to deliver a smoother experience. Their next OFSTED inspection report commented “improved permanency planning and PLO process mean that parallel planning begins early for children who cannot remain with their birth families” which was evidenced by reduced timescales.

Our team’s combined deep knowledge of social care practice, early help and partnerships alongside expertise in developing sustainable change allows our clients to experience sustainable and immediate change.


We were commissioned to define new practice standards and tackle cumbersome processes that were overloading social workers.

Our analysis and engagement approach quickly identified root causes to their practice problems. Silo working coupled unclear and inconsistent working practices, which had been exacerbated by a high-turnover of managers and social workers. 

We introduced immediate changes to reduce the bureaucracy burden on social workers, giving them more time with children, young people and families. By co-developing practice standards with staff they had a clear understanding of what was expected from them and were committed to meeting these.