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We use insights from strategic and social work perspectives. Supporting leadership teams to lead and facilitate change and teaching improvement techniques.



Following an indadequate OFSTED inspection grading, Buckinghamshire asked us to analyse their current position and help them understand how to organise their improvement activity.

Our team shaped the way the whole county worked together to deliver the necessary improvements, we challenged the current set-up and developed a dynamic improvement approach and plan. We taught and mentored senior leaders on how to deliver an integrated dynamic improvement plan using rapid and sustainable transformation techniques. Supporting them to embed a ‘plan, do, and review’ approach within their teams and developing performance measures to assess effective decision making.

All this improvement work was fed into weekly sessions with Chief Executive where he set priorities and unblocked any issues. This created a truly dynamic improvement plan focused on the highest priority activities with fast paced decision making and actions.

Our initial work helped Buckinghamshire to understand how they needed to work to deliver real change. And our subsequent support has helped them to make constant and lasting improvements. Our effective style was recognised by Buckinghamshire council leader MartinTett who publicly commented on the effective, robust and good relationship developed with our consultants.

Devon County Council


Commissioned us to deliver a fundamental review of Children’s Services following their OFSTED judgement of inadequate at a time they were also expected to deliver savings. Our comprehensive set of tailored recommendations for improvement were critical in moving the council away from their ‘Inadequate’ rating.

Rob Parkhouse, Head of Business Strategy commented that our team “combined a comprehensive knowledge of Children’s Services with a real understanding of improvement methodologies. They proved collaborative in their approach to risk, innovative, adaptive and quick to act. The project was delivered on time and on budget, and has helped shape how we move forward with the ongoing programme of work.”




Appointed as the DfE Intervention Advisor, we analysed the council’s position, led the development and prioritisation of improvement activity and oversaw progress. OFSTED monitoring visits have identified real progress in their improvement journey. A key part of this improvement was our work to develop a comprehensive data sets and score card visualisations to clearly show all progress, risk and issues – so that the right action can be taken to keep the council constantly moving forward.

To improve social work practice, we addressed cultural and systemic problems that were impacting on quality of social work, such as widespread avoidance of challenging conversations and decisions. We designed and delivered sessions with all levels of the council, including political leadership, to openly discuss and work on ways to change the underlying culture. Designing a ‘journey of a child’ approach alongside font-line social workers we were able to create new ways of working on an individual, team and organisation level.