Graduate Scheme Job Description.

Applications are ongoing, get in touch!

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Basis is looking for full-time Junior Consultants to join our graduate scheme. This role provides you with a unique opportunity to experience transformation in the public sector; developing your core and specialist consultancy skills through a mixture of internal learning, development activities and client projects. You will have the chance to experience internal workings of a public-sector organisation, a consultancy firm and life as an independent consultant.

You will help public sector to transform their services, navigating through the difficult challenges currently facing this sector, and develop practical skills whilst making a real impact.

This entails placement in a host organisation, where you will learn public sector decision making, how to obtain approval for change, understand organizational and political pressures that can impact change, learn insides working of a democratic organisation.

Primarily, you will be part of a young, friendly and ethical Management Consultancy business to take part in business development and our first-class training offer, Service Transformation Programme – participate in delivering as well as receiving.

The Role:

Systems, change and Agile theory

Problem solving approaches and techniques

Facilitation and challenge skills

Data collection, analysis and presentation for decision making

Process and data modelling activities

Developing, coordinating and organising projects

What we are looking for

Experience of public service, research or voluntary sector with a degree that had analyzing elements

Work experience within research or analytics and customer facing environments

Willing to develop, creative mind and an interest in improving

Independent: happy to progress your work without assistance, but also happy to take advice and direction when needed

Keen to share your experience and approach with other consultants, and to learn from them in return

A problem solver: interested in finding solutions

Good at managing a complex workload – able to understand when you need more information or help

Approachable and professional: someone our clients want to work with


Applications are ongoing, get in touch!

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to