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Our Certified Agile Master in Public Services is nationally and internationally recognised. Within the UK people gain accreditation from the National Public Services Transformation Academy.

As part of our RedQuadrant partnership, we provide the highest regarded transformation training, specific for Local Authorities. It uses experiential and interactive learning methods, aimed at senior managers dealing with transformation.


Beyond projects: Agile as a culture (9 Nov)

Agile’s appeal now reaches far beyond the world of IT; proving very effective at developing innovative solutions to the wicked problems we experience in public services.

Guests including Government Digital Service (GDS) sharing their experiences - ‘if I knew then what I know now’ and how they see the future for agile in service design in public sector. 

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Agile Master In Public Services (5-6 Dec)

This is the certified course in Agile for Public Services. Delivering and managing dynamic change in public services is particularly difficult given the risks and sensitivities involved. Planning projects in a linear way using traditional project management approaches often holds organisations back from learning and refining their changes quickly in a disciplined environment.

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