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Our service transformation programme is widely regarded as the most advanced and effective training programme within the public sector. Over 600 public sector managers, interim transformation managers and consulting companies have participated – in the UK and abroad. Building internal capability to deliver sustainable change is seen as a key requirement to deal with challenges facing public services.We focus on you learning through doing with simulations, exercise and live examples. Within the UK people gain accreditation from the National Public Services Transformation Academy.

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Agile Master in Public Services, 20-21 March

Experience how to deliver change that is better for employees and delivers faster outcomes with lasting results

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Service Design Master in Public Services, 17-18 April

Practice analysing and recommending organisational improvement through simulation. Develop solid grounding in the theory and application of service design

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Organisational Behaviour Change Master in Public Services, 25-26 April

Learn powerful practical skills to manage behaviours in order to achieve transformational change

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Questions? Please email: comms@basis.co.uk

The service transformation programme is the best training I’ve been on. It was an insightful and intense learning experience and hugely beneficial for my transformation work in Lewisham and later in Achieving for Children
— Joe Badman

Past event: Beyond projects: Agile as a culture

Agile’s appeal now reaches far beyond the world of IT; proving very effective at developing innovative solutions to the wicked problems we experience in public services.

Guests included the Government Digital Service (GDS) sharing their experiences - ‘if I knew then what I know now’ and how they see the future for agile in service design in public sector.