Basis has a heritage of delivering true, sustainable, change. 

We do this using Agile and Service Design.

Agile is is an approach that advocates adaptive planning, iterative development and continuous improvement An Agile approach encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

Service Design allows us to use a variation of tools to create services according to both the needs of customers and the competencies and capabilities of teams. It's engaging and collaborative approach enables us to develop iteratively using prototypes.

Our approaches have benefited a multitude of service areas including;



Adult Social Care | Children's Services | Housing | Highways | NHS | Planning & Development | Human Resources | Children's Social Care | Youth Offending | Rail | Legal | Shared Services | Corporate Development | Business Support | Finance







Basis and it's sibling company RedQuadrant are 'associate based consultancies'. This means we run a lean, core team, alongside a wide network of consultants.

Basis and RedQuadrant are also on numerous procurement frameworks, including G-Cloud and ESPO, meaning clients can purchase our services directly.

We are able to place and support consultants in roles to deliver outcomes. 

We are definitely not an agency, more of a collective.






Basis run fully accredited courses through the Public Service Transformation Academy for people who want to learn how to deliver in new and dynamics ways.

Our training is focused on enabling people to improve outcomes for users of public services.

We have developed a hugely successful programme steeped in hands-on simulation and experiential learning.


Coming Soon

Agile Leadership in Public Services, 17 Jan, Click here to book

Agile Master in Public Services, 20-21 March

Service Design Master in Public Services, 17-18 April

Organisational Behaviour Change Master in Public Services, 26 April

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