Basis has a talent-rich pool of over 700 consultants. We have a significant number of skilled consultants in local authorities delivering transformation across services. Whether it’s a Business Analyst, Scrum Master or service specialist consultant you’re in need of – we’ve got them.

A selection of our skilled consultants include

James - a fierce Scrum Master and Agile Lead 

Laura - a knowledgeable Programme Manager, specialist in probation services and adult social care

Dennis - an extremely knowledgeable and personable Principal Consultant, who has seen and done a lot!

Joanne - a composed Senior Consultant currently developing the Commercial Vision of a local authority

Matt - an agile-enthusiast 'people person', dedicated to delivering sustainable change in Public Services

Ronesh - a highly technically able, and personable Business Analyst 

Rebecca - a clear thinking, measured consultant skilled in helping teams getting to the root of complex problems

Isabelle - an energetic Junior Consultant, skilled at engaging with teams and 'getting stuff done'

Clive - a highly experienced Senior Consultant, able to challenge senior leaders in local authorities with a smile

Debbie - a great facilitator and coach in navigating change in Public Services


The team that makes everything 'tick over' in the background includes

Dennis Vergne

I have a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks; turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. 

Although originally from Holland, most of my work has been within the British public sector, ranging from over thirty local authorities, the NHS, probation services and central government. 

After gaining an MSc in this field (Oxford - Distinction), I set-up RedQuadrant, a successful full service public sector firm, with Benjamin Taylor in 2007, before becoming Managing Director of Basis.


Matt Barnaby

Hello, I'm Matt Barnaby. I help to run Basis as well as delivering Projects, running training and supporting our interims.

I’ve been doing Agile, Service Design and Prototyping for many years now, all over the world. It's a way of working that really excites me.

What really makes me tick is knowing that I help people to deliver better services that make life better for people.


Rebecca Roberts

Hi, I’m Rebecca - I relish opportunities to create order where there is confusion. I learnt how to design and deliver creative solutions within a Transformation Team for a West London council, which means I really understand how to get to grips with complex problems and support teams to focus on delivering small concrete changes.

Currently working on projects in Adult Social Care at the London Borough of Bexley, I create order out of chaos and think strategically about how to make life better for the service user. 



Izzie Hurrell

Hello, I'm Izzie, a Junior Consultant and 'Head of Getting Things Done' at Basis. I have an academic background in Psychology, and a professional background in mental health prevention and intervention in the education system. With a passion for politics I cannot seem to shift. I relish the challenge of team engagement, working in an Agile capacity of iterative change to overcome complex problems in complex Services.


Joe Badman 

Hey, I’m Joe. Before joining Basis I worked in the public sector for a decade. I started my career witnessing first-hand the seriously complex challenges that face people who come into contact with public services on a daily basis. This has motivated me to pursue a career focused on solving those challenges.

I love using service design and agile methodologies to help people find innovative solutions to the complex challenges they face. I’m also a bit of a specialist in helping public services to trade and diversify their income streams to ensure they remain sustainable for the long term.


Kate Duffy

Hi, I'm Kate and the newest member of team Basis. With a background as a senior level creative and more recently working collaboratively with brands to make social media work for them, I now join Basis with the drive to put our message out there and get things done. 

I've a strong belief in the importance of an effective Adult Social Care system, for me it's all about being part of a team that is helping to make peoples lives better and helping to solve the problems they face.